November 05, 2018

Wonderful experience

Hello everyone, I am Matthias. As part of travelling Taiwan I came for two weeks to the Toucheng Leisure Farm to learn a bit more about farming and have a great time.

When I arrived at the Guishan Harbour, I already saw the beautiful view at the ocean and the Turtle Island. There were lots of fishing boats and some surfers.

The farm is situated in the middle of nature, some smaller hills covered with forest surround the place. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the farm and the for me unusual colors of nature here.

The first day I had a farm tour and got to know the farm more in depth. We saw the ecosystem of the area which includes a lot of different and interesting plants and animals. There are a many types of butterflies, some ducks, goats, buffalos, chickens, vegetables and fruits like pomelos, cumquats, bananas and herbs.

During my stay I was involved many different activities around the farm. I helped preparing delicious food in the outdoor kitchen using mostly ingredients from the farm.

I fed the chickens, the goats and the buffalos. Mixed different types of natural fertilizers and even experienced standing in a rice field.

We prepared the field with some gardening tools, planted different kinds of vegetable plantlets and seeds and watered them afterwards. It was nice to see them grow, even it was just a tiny bit in this small period of time.

I also was involved in some group activities with the Farms guests. I assisted in an DIY-Lunch Event with over 40 participants and we build an insect hotel out of wood and bamboo at the outdoor Tee-House.

In my spare time I went to the hot spring park in Jiaoxi, where I had the opportunity to see the Houdongkeng Waterfall. I also visited the Lanyang Museum near Toucheng.

And from the terrace near my bedroom I could see the sunrise over the ocean.

Overall I had a great time here at the Toucheng Leisure Farm. I experienced lots of new things and was surrounded the whole time by caring coworkers and supervisors.

Have fun!

August 15, 2018

Daxi Fish Port

In preparation for the annual Summer Camp, I visited Daxi Fish Port in mid-July with the rest of the summer camp staff (Tina, Hunter, and Ta). We scouted the area to plan a route for the next visit.

August 13, 2018

Day Trip to Yilan! (pt. 2)


As mentioned in the previous post, Ta and I went traveling around Yilan on July 15th. Here's a quick recap of the places we went to after going to Lanyang Museum.

Armed with my portable fan and uv arm protector as we waited outside the museum for a ride.

August 12, 2018

Day Trip to Yilan! (pt. 1)

Hello~ it's Candy again.

On July 15th, Ta and I went exploring in Yilan. It was our day off and we spontaneously decided that we wanted to travel outside of the farm.

Tina, our supervisor and also dubbed our 'Taiwanese mom', suggested that we visit Lanyang Museum. It is a famous tourist destination in Toucheng with nationally recognized architecture. She gave us tickets and even got us a ride to the museum --about a 20-minute drive from the farm.

When we arrived at the museum we were already hungry (when are we not??) so we filled up at the gift store where they had many Asian snacks. YUM. They also serve lunch boxes at noon if you opt to eat lunch there.

Strawberry ice cream bar: 10/10!

August 03, 2018

Farm Tour

Hello~ It's Candy.

Today I will give you a tour around the farm. It has already been over 3 weeks since arriving at Toucheng Farm so I've gotten to know this place better than before.

July 29, 2018

Having dinner at Toucheng night market

July 28, 2018 - Ta

Hello, I'm back. I gonna tell you about my first time to go to Toucheng night market. I went there yesterday. Actually I did not mean to go there but my friend, Judy invited me , Candy and Lily to go with the kitchen team ( Judy work in kitchen so she is part of kitchen team) and Peisan (woman who work in the kitchen and I think she is the leader of kitchen team) drove us to night market. Before we went to night market , Peisan dropped us to supermarket because I told her that I wanted to buy hair conditioner. I bought a big pack of Karamujo and hair conditioner. I saw Lily bought milk which have pudding flavour and I wanna try it. Maybe next time I will buy it too >,<

Lily (left) , Peisan (back) , Candy (2nd from left) , Judy (right)

July 13, 2018

Candy from Canada - Nice to Meet You!

Hello! My name is Candy and I'm from Vancouver, Canada.
For the next 6 weeks I will be staying at Toucheng Leisure Farm as an International Intern through AIESEC (a non-profit organization that sends young people abroad for volunteer and internships). I am ecstatic to share my experiences with you!

My new friend, Golden (the farm's beloved dog)

July 10, 2018

Ta from Thailand

Helloooo ~ Sa-wad-dee-kaaaa~ I'm Ta from Thailand. This is my first time to writing a blog post because there is a typhoon outside so I have a lot of time to write... haha

When I first came to the farm, I was not sure if I could work and stay here for 6 weeks because I thought that most interns studied Agriculture or Tourism, but I study a major not related with the farm. Now that I have worked here for a week everything is more clear. I know what my work is and I know that there are many different tasks on the farm; there are many many parts, not just farming or managing the accommodation. For me, my work is to prepare for the summer camp!!! It sounds fun, isn't it??

August 14, 2016

An interesting internship

I'm Lynn from Malaysia and have my industrial training at TLF. It was a meaningful and a great experience at here.

What's up

I'm ShyLuang, an international student from Malaysia and currently studying at Taipei. I came here to TLF to spend my summer holiday, while, at the same time, experience some activities in the farm.
It's a beautiful farm we have here.